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Australia seal the Ashes
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Ashes 2021-22, 3rd Test, Day 3, Australia vs England Highlights: Australia  Humiliate England By Innings And 14 Runs To Retain Ashes | Cricket News


England just lost their last chance to take over the ashes series. They got dominated by Australians in the 3rd consecutive test and missed the opportunity to get the ashes trophy back to their country.

England captain joe root is very disappointed with how things have gone for England. After the loss in the 3rd test, we saw a glimpse of tears in Ben stokes’s eyes; it was disheartening to all the England cricket fans worldwide.

A total of 5 test match have been fixed to play between the two nations, Australia and England; the Aussies won the first two tests and got the series lead.

Therefore, we just witnessed Australia crush the english in the 3rd test with three consecutive wins and won the series by (3-0) “England players were not in their best ability.”

Boland was the pick of the bowlers from the Australia side. He was debuting as a test bowler in the 3rd test; hence the brilliant right arm medium pacer got 1 wicket in the first innings for 48 and 6 wickets in the second innings to get his team to win the ashes trophy back to their country.

3rd test match result

Australian captain Pat Cummins flipped the coin and won to bowl first.

·        England first innings score – 185 all out

·        Highest wicket taker -  Nathan Lyon

·        Australia second innings score – 267 all out

·        Highest wicket taker – james Anderson 4/33

·        England third innings score – 68 all out


Australia won by an innings and 14 runs, steals the ashes series from England.

Australia vs England live stream: how to watch Ashes 3rd Test, Day 3 from  anywhere | TechRadar 

Day 3 match analysis – Australia vs. England

·        Day 3 started with England players joe root and ben stokes walking to the crease to put some runs on the board and get a fighting total for Australia to chase down. “England 31/4 in the start of day 3”


·        Starc comes up with the first over of 3rd day; he bowls some good pitch-up deliveries and stuns joe root. “also, the two englishmen players were slowly scoring runs by picking up quick singles and boundaries.”

·        The first boundary of the 3rd day came in starc overs; he pitches the ball up, root reads it, and drives down to off-side to score a valuable pressure releasing boundary.


·        Ben stokes continues showing his class and efficiency with the bat on the other side of the pitch. He was playing with good defensive technique and was beautifully scoring in all areas, “starc comes in, bowls a straight pacer delivery, stokes just guides the ball with a straight drive into the boundary for fours” “what a beautiful looking shot it was from stokes.”


·        Again,  starc comes in the next over; stokes smashes him into the mid-off region to get valuable runs and boundaries. Hence starc was too efficient with his two coming balls; he stuns stokes with the first ball, reverses the second ball into ben stokes, and knocks him over. “first wicket down in the 3rd day” “England winning hopes starts to fade, they are now 46/4”


·        Bairstow tries to form a partnership with the England captain joe root. Australian bowlers continue to bowl in the perfect line and length, stunning the England batters.


·        Root takes charge of starc and hits him for a classic straight drive for a boundary. “what a beautiful shot; just used the pace of the bowler and pushed it for a boundary.”


·        Bairstow and root tried to hold their patience and get some singles to keep the scoreboard ticking, but the collapse was very near.


·        The debutant boland comes with his second over and gets England experienced batter johnny bairstow, who was trying to settle down in the crease. “boland bowls an inswinger, swinging it into bairstow and gets him out lbw “sixth wicket down for England.’


·        The wickets started to fall in, and collapse happened; joe root was looking so good with the bat, was out. “boland gets him with an outswinger, root niks it straight back to the first slip, david warner” “Australia ready to get another win.”



·        Wood comes and goes; it’s boland again, caught and bowled this time to woods. “England 65 for 7.”


·        At last, boland gets robinson with an outside edge into the slip and knocks England’s jimmy anderson to get his six wicket haul and convincing ashes series win for the aussies.

Australia defeated the Englands with an innings and 17 runs.



Australia captain pat cummin is very happy and grateful to win his first ashes series, representing his side as Australian captain.

England’s dreams of taking back the ashes trophy, which they lost in 2017/18, had just shattered and broken. Two matches are still left to play, and Australia must be looking to get two back-to-back wins and white-wash the Englands in their home ground.

The fourth ashes test will be held between Australia and England on january 5, 2022.

The two coming matches would be the play of respect for the Englands. They must at least win in the two coming matches to keep the respect and positives alive.

Image Cr-NDTV Sports, TechRadar