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Government planning the fans’ return to football stadium before Christmas
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The UK government is continuously analyzing every possible aspect for permitting the football fans to get back to the stadiums and have the immense pleasure of watching their favorite players playing in England in the coming month.

According to reliable sources, the prime minister has indicated the MPs to put all their efforts into exploring the ways of re-opening the doors of stadiums for football fans in England. Boris Johnson is consistently having serious talks with secretaries and football bosses at reputed positions about this re-opening in the coming month before Christmas.

On Wednesday, November 18, 2020, Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared openly that his team of expert professionals is working on getting that normal ambiance of football matches and the excited crowd back shortly. However, this allowance will be granted to the football fans in the areas having minimal rates of infections, and the public will be safe.

The cultural secretary Oliver Dowden hosted a long 1.5 hours summit to discuss the future of sports and people’s interests. He added that he wants to continue working with the officers related to the football game and focus on the game’s unforgettable future.

Government’s plans giving hopes to the fans

All the link access to the playgrounds, especially football grounds with the tier-system that was perfectly in place prior to this second lockdown in the country, has still not given any confirmation and is yet to be approved by the cabinet officers. And the football fans are eagerly waiting for this allowance.

However, the officials are eager to get the crowd back in the tier system one in some specifically low-affected areas and possibly continue it further to the tier system two in the other parts of the country in the early December.

All these discussions and parliamentary debates are held before giving an allowance of the audience’s entry to the stadia just because of the threats of getting situations out of control. As this whole situation of the crowd can lead to the increased risks of transmission of the contagious coronavirus. 

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Fans to get their excitement back in the stadiums soon?

Football fans have been prevented from entering into the stadiums and enjoying their favorite sports matches since March 2020 that led to a bizarre financial crisis. 

However, can we see the same shouting crowd back in the football stadiums again? It’s been discussed for a while on a serious note but is not confirmed yet.

Well, the government is trying hard to permit the fans’ return to the stadiums; however, the situations around are too temperamental and need comprehensive discussions and analysis before giving green signals to any decision on getting the audience back to the stadiums.

As they say, ‘patience and belief are the keys’ and the England government will tackle the situation and will give positive news in the run-up to the first week of December positively. 

Moreover, the government is expected to unfold the further details about this re-opening and the numerous preventive measures to be followed later in this week, hopefully on December 2, 2020. 

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