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Voices floating around about IPL 13
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IPL 2019 to be held in India, will begin from March 23 - News NationTaking into consideration the future of IPL, major development within the Board of Control for Cricket (BCCI) in India has surfaced. This time around, it is about the destination unknown.

As per sources, there is a division in the decision-making process, representing itself as 3-2, while voting on whether to host the 13th edition of IPL should be held within the country or shifted outside. It seems that the majority think that the league should be hosted in the country, while there were a few voices that wanted the league to be held outside, if the need be.

A BCCI official presented his thought while speaking to IANS that if IPL will be held in India most of the people will think that they have come out of the claws of the pandemic. So, some people believe that if the situation demands, IPL should take place outside India this year.

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Furthermore, a BCCI official said, "It is in the hand of the decision-makers who are 
being divided 3-2 if this is how you can understand the current situation". The official didn't get deep by telling the names of-who said what-he talks about the general feeling that if the league will be held in India, people will see it as a positive sign. It will also aid them to not travel outside India, and follow the fresh set of guidelines. 
However, there are a few voices, who believe that conducting the league should be considered as the priority, so even if this demands IPL to be shifted outside India this year, so be it.

The board official also added that- a lot of discussions are going on to create a comprehensive plan. As the venue is an important point of consideration, so it requires serious deliberation. But, the most important thing, at the end of the day, is the safety of the players, and everyone involved in the league.  

Furthermore, an official of the franchise reiterated the sentiments and explained that the topmost priority must always be having the league in India. He further added that if the tournament will be held in India, it will come up as a positive signal not only to the world but also for the Indian citizens, who are anyways managing to get back to the normal life. Also, if the league will take place outside India, the expenses will go up. Hence, for most of the teams, as well as officials like us, India is the most preferred location. 

Players all over the world have been preparing themselves to play the IPL now because it is almost certain that Cricket Australia (as per their mail to the ICC) will not be hosting the World T20 in October-November according to the initial schedule. 

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Speaking to IANS, Deepak Chahar, India, and Chennai Super Kings pioneer said that he was all set to kick start the cricket season with the T20 league.

He further added that the time has come that everyone should get back into the groove, and he thinks that IPL might be a perfect vehicle for everyone to return into some cricketing action. He is thankful that there are so many games held every year so that they get chances to be into a rhythm again. (contd)

(contd) If any player is asked to play an ODI or test match right away after a break, his body can break due to the load. He further added an example for justifying his words that- when you hit the gym, you don't do a 100kg bench press during your initial days.
"In the same way, IPL will not only help the bowlers, but all the cricketers will be oozing with the energy. He pointed out that there is a need for a proper camp, so that everyone can come back into the form before the IPL starts.

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Kuldeep Yadav, India and Kolkata Knight Riders spinner said that he was also looking forward to playing this year in the IPL.
He went on to say that he is ready for the IPL, and at the same time, is excited because he will get a chance to play after a long break. He further added, IPL is a tough tournament, and if it happens this year, he will give his best shot. 

Citing the benefit that IPL will raise his confidence, he will be able to perform better in the forthcoming Australia series. He ended by saying, all he is doing is waiting for the announcement of IPL. 

And frankly not just the players, and the fans, we too who cover sports for livelihood are waiting for the game to return in any form. Be it the IPL or the test. We will accept a return in any form.

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