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Revisiting the England win this World Cup, as NZ ran out of luck
Creator : Siman Arora
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The longstanding wait of  2019 World Cup winner came to an end as England finally won the ultimate title.

The very first time the Englishmen in the history of the game won the World Cup after beating New Zealand on Sunday at Lord's.

It was more than just a cricket match, the dramatic scene which unfolded was absorbing, and gut-wrenching as New Zealand managed to put up a target of 242 runs, while England was also able to reach the score of 241. Thus, it all came down to the super over drama.
 It was the turn of Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler to take crease for the super over in which they managed to score 15 runs. It seemed like this match was not going to be over soon as it turned out super over was also a tie, and New Zealand too scored 15 runs in their allotted over. Thus, it came to down the number of boundaries hit.

England had hit 27 boundaries, while the kiwis hit 17, and we thus had a winner.

England captain Eoin Morgan, before the match was sure that it was going to be a gritty battle, and hell yeah! It was just that.

It was no less than a bumpy emotional ride for England, but they were finally able to turn the tides in their favor after numerous defeats. The story goes that they had never made it to the semi-finals post-1992 where they were defeated by Pakistan.

Ben Stokes primarily was the man behind this moment maybe this effort has redeemed him from 2016 T20 world cup woes.

In the post-match presentation, Stoke was overawed by emotions and words hard to come out. He was happy that their hard work of 4 years finally paid them the rewards, and no reward can be bigger than the World Cup.

He also praised the efforts of New Zealand players as he further said that playing against New Zealand was a great experience. Though it was a celebrating day for England, it seemed that New Zealand team ran out of luck.

We need to laud the efforts of New Zealand, and it is impossible to add their heroic on the same page as England. They deserve a page of their own.

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