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Is split captaincy idea for real?
Creator : Sujit Gupta
Category : Opinion

Is star spouse Anushka Sharma the cause for Virat Kohli-Rohit Sharma rift?

When there is a loss we tend try to find and fix the errors. But what if in trying to solve one simple problem, we can create a fresh complex one.

As per some of the sources and media houses, BCCI might just buy into the idea of split captaincy. Virat Kohli can retain the role of test captaincy, while Rohit might lead the team in ODI.

After the team lost in the semi-finals, it was inevitable that questions were to be raised and actions were to be taken. A review meeting will be held to assess the performance once the team is back.

One of the functionary member of the board spoke to IANS in which the member highlighted that good teams get back to the drawing board and make plans for future as one campaign ends. 

Further in light of future, he stated that it is right time to hand over the ODI captaincy to Rohit Sharma (below is the statement in quotes).

"This would be the right time for Rohit to take over the mantle of  captaincy in the 50 over format. There has been an immense support to the present captain and management; and it is time to plan ahead for the next World Cup; and for that the existing ideas and plans needs a fresh look. We all know some areas need a re-look and Rohit would be the right man for the job".

The official information of any sort is yet to be received, and only then something concrete can be made of form the above statement. But till then it would be logical to take it at its face value and wait for the commencement of the meeting.