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The overthrow controversy and what ICC had to say about it
Creator : Sujit Gupta
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The game of cricket, especially now more than ever, is all about margins; the one and the twos, that extra bye. After what we saw in the finals between England and New Zealand, we cannot help but agree.

The joy of the final was somewhat affected due to the controversies surrounding the match. However,  official word from the ICC is awaited on the overthrow controversy which transpired in the last over of the game.

The controversy

It was the last over where England needed 9 of just 3 balls, Trent Boult was steaming in with yorkers. The fourth ball was hit to the mid-wicket boundary by Stoke, and he scampered for two. While finishing the second run he had to put in a full-length dive.

A fast throw came from the deep, hit his bat and went to the boundary. This meant that the English team got six runs, and at that moment umpires granted them the six runs. But there was more to this incident, which was to be uncovered a day after the world cup

The next day

The next day once everybody got their breath back. A shocking revelation hit them as it turns out that the according to the rules of the game English team would have been granted just the five runs instead of six.

The rules clearly state that for the extra run to awarded the batsmen must have crossed when the fielder releases the ball. In this case, both Stoke and Rashid had not crossed when Guptill released the throw. So, it should have been five runs added to the English total and not six, which meant that in the last two balls they needed 4 runs off two balls.

What 5 runs would have meant?

If the umpire had given five runs, then Adil Rashid would have been in strike who had just come into the crease. More importantly, the set batsmen Stoke would have been on the other end. Also, it would not have been easy for Rashid to handle the yorkers of Boult.

ICC's statement

When asked about the whole incident to one of the spokespeople of the ICC stated that "The umpires take decisions on the field with their interpretation of the rules and we don't comment on any decisions as a matter of policy." One of the respected umpires Simon Taufel stated that it was a clear mistake of the standing umpires when they granted the England team six runs.

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