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Let speculations be mere speculations| The man isn’t retiring as per rumors
Creator : Sujit Gupta
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" I am not sure when I am retiring but few people want me to retire before tomorrow's match -- Dhoni's first reaction to ABP News @msdhoni @abpnewstv @abpnewshindi

— Rajnish Ahuja (@IamRajnishAhuja) July 5, 2019

When it comes to MS Dhoni, the question which keeps popping up is when is he going to retire? And questions regarding batting form. These questions cover the headlines and some time are presented right away as a convoluted fact in various Youtube videos with bizarre thumbnails.

According to some of the rumors, Dhoni will retire in this World Cup. Various news agencies did buy into this rumors, which then, in no time rolled out of the tongue of every individual with limited information. However, an official statement is yet to be received either from BCCI or the man himself.

Considering the fact that India has reached semi-finals will face New Zealand in a crucial encounter. There is hardly anything that would motivate BCCI to comment on such matters.He has always distanced himself from commenting to any such rumors.

This time around the talisman did have a moment of reaction on this matter recently with ABP in which he stated that " I am not sure when I am retiring but few people want me to retire before tomorrow's match”.

Now, this statement does put all the rumors to rest once and for all. There is a common notion that it would be a perfect farewell for the man, bidding this beautiful game goodbye in the finals (if the team make it to finals). But these are just notions which fans would not love minus winning the World Cup. There is hardly anything concrete which could put forward as a formidable argument for his discontinuing after the World Cup.

In this worldcup campaign so far he has scored 223 runs in seven innings with a good strike rate of 93.

He has been under the radar for slow batting and lack of intent, but we cannot deny the fact that the man knows what he is doing in every situation. So it’s time to trust him and who knows what might transpire in the finals.  

Image cr- Getty Images/BCCI