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Yorker - Mitchell Starc’s Ultimate Weapon
Creator : Siman Arora
Category : Timeless

Yorkers are the second nature of Starc and Bumrah

World cup 2019 fever is on and the bowlers play a very vital role in limiting the flow of runs. Mitchell Starc, the Australian seamer, relies on yorkers for taking wickets and keeping batsmen in check. Since the last world cup, no other bowler has bowled or perhaps tried bowling as many yorkers as Starc. Research shows that he has bowled more yorkers than Malinga & Jasprit Bumrah over the years.

Since the last world cup, Starc has got more wickets than other fast bowlers because of his trademark ‘yorker’. Well, a yorker can often work wonders for you or turn into a nightmare for the bowler. Similarly for Starc, either his yorker can be a perfect wicket hitting delivery or it can turn into a full-toss & get punished by batsmen for a boundary. 

Although a bouncer is a great choice but a perfect fast paced yorker does the trick for Starc. His action is high-armed and orthodox, as compared to Bumrah & Malinga. Moreover, his high-armed action offers him a great amount of time to judge the movement of batsmen & adjust the length accordingly. Also, the beauty of Starc’s yorker is that the longer the bowl stays in the air, the faster it gets.

The inswinging yorkers are treat to eyes

Yorkers work best when bowled at a fast-paced and as a proof, the four leading wicket taking pacers since last world cup is fast bowlers. Starc clearly believes that a good yorker can get you a wicket easily during the beginning & last overs of the game. Also, it proves highly beneficial in restricting runs during any point of the game. 

When bowlers like Starc bowl the perfect yorkers, this question usually arises, “why don’t fast bowlers utilize yorkers more often?” The answer is simple that bowling a perfect yorker isn’t an easy task but Mitchell Starc can change the myth about yorkers with his ‘Trademark Yorker’.

Image cr- CWC, Video cr- CA